Softimobiliar CRM - the most powerful CRM software for real estate agencies

Identity design

Logo design, business cards, presentation materials, banners, social media pages


Dedicated and customised CRM for you and your agency
Free data import from:, Rebs, Imoflux, Imobmanager

Creation of presentation websites

Responsive and Google optimised presentation website, directly connected to CRM


SEO, Social media, Google Adwords




Each Softimobiliar CRM project starts by analysing customer's needs. This analysis stands at the base of a good execution of each project.



Each implementation stage is well established no matter the step: design, CRM installation, development of the agency presentation website

Lansare, SUCCES!


The launching of each Softimobiliar CRM project is made when all it's perfectly functional and leads to the success of each real estate business that uses it.


Over 250 real estate agencies are using Softimobiliar CRM, check the entire portfolio here
Galaxy Imob

a real estate franchise with the largest number of partners across Romania uses Softimobiliar CRM

Karma Estate

uses Softimobiliar CRM

Real Estate Franchise ANG

real estate franchise that uses Softimobiliar CRM

Real Estate Franchise Rosentall

real estate franchise that uses Softimobiliar CRM

Karma Estate agency from Bucarest

real estate franchise that uses Softimobiliar CRM

Real Estate Agency Fidelia Casa

leading real estate agency from Iasi uses Softimobiliar CRM

Stelian Pintilie

Biz imob

For me, Soft imobiliar CRM is the main tool for publishing announcements on partner websites. It is difficult for me to operate successfully in the real estate business without the help of a CRM real estate software. I want to mention that I am very satisfied with the technical support provided by Softimobiliar CRM. The problems are solved very quickly

Alexandru Văcaru

Manager General - Regency

Softimobiliar CRM is a modern and extremely useful tool which any real estate agency wanting to perform should have in its portfolio. It is a complex tool which eases our work and helps us manage properties, relations with customers and allows us to publish our offers both on our own website and on the main real estate portals. The SoftImobiliar CRM team supported us with a quick implementation of CRM, but also of the Regency website and provided us immediate support every time it was necessary.

Horatiu-Marius Bodea

CEO - Ego Imobiliare

After a few rounds of negotiations and discussions, I have decided to completely redo the website and to integrate it at the same time in the Softimobiliar, the most powerful CRM for real estate agents in Romania, adapted perfectly and integrated with the Romanian market.

Thank you, Alex Suciu, for your promptness and 110% involvement you showed in solving all issues during the implementation of the new website Last, but not least, I would like to thank you for your patience, Alex Uifalean.

We invite you to browse and test the new website and also I will wait for feedback and opinions.

Moisă Cristina Geanina

Analist Relatii Clienti - Fidelia Casa

When we started the collaboration with Fidelia Casa, the real estate software was already implemented, but in a continuous development. Having a Call Center position, CRM helped me on several directions: first, in the systematic transmission of the information to the agents, second, it provided me the possibility to send information from any location to my colleagues and last, but not least, I could access the history of each client that interacted with Fidelia Casa.

During the past year, CRM was changed at several levels, thus reaching at the form we use today and which eases a lot the work of an agent. The possibility to find all customers from the respective day in one place, receiving an e-mail every time a customer is added, the possibility to generate many reports to check and optimise the services provided to the customers are only a few of the advantages offered by this real estate software.

Even at this moment, the form of this software does not require any major changes, by means of our constant interaction with beginners or old customers looking for constant optimisations, the CRM makes the connection between a work tool and the quality of the services provided by our company.