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Discover the most modern websites for real estate agencies, along with the most powerful CRM in Romania. Softimobiliar CRM provides comprehensive management of your agency's operations, from handling listings and clients to generating detailed reports, offering complete control over the activities within the real estate agency you manage.





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Manage all activity in one place

Quick and secure access to the application (from any location, from any internet-connected device, no need to install any applications)

Real-time security and backup of information (no risk of losing information due to hardware failure or virus infection)

Organization and secure storage of information, shared across user accounts

CRM consisting of modules designed to help organize and optimize the work of real estate agents

Time optimization (allows publishing through feeds on real estate portals)

Advanced marketing tools and methods

We import your information for free from:, Rebs, Imoflux, Imobmanager

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Real-time Analysis and Performance

Through the reports provided by Softimobiliar CRM, managers have quick and direct access to the following functionalities:

  • Monitoring activities carried out by agents.
  • Evaluating agent performance using specific indicators.
  • Viewing properties and requests added based on price and location.
  • Tracking how agents promote their properties, including places and quantities of promotion.
  • Analyzing the number of leads generated from each promotion channel.

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