In the domain of real estate agents, efficient activity management is often the key to success. Softimobiliar CRM redefines this dynamic by providing a detailed look at the integrated calendar and how it transforms the way real estate agents organize and manage their daily activities.

  • Integrated and Customizable Calendar

    Softimobiliar CRM features an integrated, customizable, and intuitive calendar. Real estate agents can view and organize all activities in one place, facilitating the planning and monitoring of key tasks.

  • Rapid Addition of Activities

    A major advantage is the ability to quickly add activities directly to the calendar. Whether it's meetings with clients, property viewings, or other important tasks, agents can enter essential information with just a few clicks.

  • Activity Management Across Various Modules

    The integrated calendar synchronizes seamlessly with other modules of Softimobiliar CRM. Agents can manage activities from contact records, inquiries, properties, or projects, having a complete picture of the schedule and interactions with clients.

  • Alerts and Notifications

    To ensure efficient time management, Softimobiliar CRM issues alerts and notifications for scheduled activities. Agents are notified in advance about upcoming tasks, thereby reducing the risk of forgetting or missing deadlines.

  • Long-Term View

    The integrated calendar allows agents to view the schedule in the long term, facilitating strategic planning. This functionality is essential for anticipating busy periods and efficiently managing resources.

  • Synchronization with Google Calendar

    Softimobiliar CRM offers the option to synchronize the integrated calendar with Google Calendar. This feature allows agents to access information in real-time and manage their schedule even when not connected to the platform.

  • Activity Reports and Analysis

    Agents benefit from detailed activity reports and analyses, providing them with an in-depth look at how they use their time. These reports become valuable tools for optimizing personal and team efficiency.

Through the integrated calendar provided by Softimobiliar CRM, real estate agents gain a powerful tool for managing daily activities. Time optimization and strategic planning become easily achievable, thus transforming the way agents approach and conduct their activities in the real estate industry.