An essential aspect in real estate activities is efficient management. Softimobiliar CRM provides a comprehensive set of tools to simplify scheduling, tracking, and administering each action, ensuring a streamlined and optimized workflow for real estate agencies.

  • Efficient Scheduling: An Integrated and Customizable Calendar

    One of the major advantages of Softimobiliar CRM is the integrated calendar, allowing agents to schedule their activities with ease. Whether it's meetings with clients, property viewings, or other important events, agents can efficiently manage their schedule using this intuitive tool.

  • Addition of Activities with Just a Few Clicks

    Softimobiliar CRM simplifies the process of adding activities. Agents can enter essential details of an action, such as the type of activity, subject, description, status, date, and involved contacts. With just a few clicks, all information is centralized and accessible in one place.

  • Flexibility in Scheduling: Activities Associated With Properties, Inquiries, or Contacts

    Another valuable aspect of Softimobiliar CRM is the flexibility in associating activities. Agents can schedule an activity from either a contact record, a property file, or an inquiry. This modular approach adds a level of efficiency and adaptability to daily task management.

  • Synchronization With Google Calendar: Quick Access to Information Anywhere

    Softimobiliar CRM facilitates synchronization with Google Calendar, allowing agents to access activity information wherever they are. This synchronization ensures an integrated and updated view of the schedule, regardless of the platform used.

  • Simplified Search and Export: Quick Access to Detailed Information

    The integrated search engine in Softimobiliar CRM enables agents to quickly find activities based on specific criteria. Additionally, there is the option to export activities for more in-depth analysis or to create customized reports.

  • Comprehensive View and Efficient Monitoring: Intuitive Interface

    The intuitive interface of Softimobiliar CRM provides a comprehensive view of activities and allows agents to efficiently monitor the status of each action. This transparency contributes to increased efficiency and improved time management.

Softimobiliar CRM adds significant value to activity management for real estate agencies, providing powerful and customizable tools to successfully address challenges in the real estate industry. Simplify scheduling and tracking activities to maximize productivity and performance in the real estate industry.