In an ever-evolving real estate market, the transition from demand to offer is a crucial process for real estate agents. Softimobiliar CRM brings a new level of efficiency and intelligence to this process through advanced automatic matching and reverse functions.

  • Automatic Matching: Quickly Find the Right Property for Buyers

    Softimobiliar CRM integrates a powerful automatic matching engine, analyzing customer requests and quickly identifying suitable offers. This system is based on criteria such as property type, budget, location, and other essential features. Thus, agents can provide clients with relevant options and expedite the process of finding an ideal property.

  • Reverse Matching: Find Potential Buyers for Your Property

    An innovative aspect of Softimobiliar CRM is the reverse matching functionality. Agents can input details of an offer, and the system automatically searches for potential buyers in the existing request database. This proactive approach turns offers into opportunities, increasing the chances of completing transactions.

  • Customization and Flexibility: Adjust Matching According to Preferences

    Softimobiliar CRM offers agents the ability to customize and adjust matching parameters based on the specific preferences of clients. This flexibility ensures that each suggestion is tailored to individual needs, strengthening the agent-client relationship.

  • Real-Time Notifications: Stay Informed About Emerging Opportunities

    To keep agents informed about new opportunities, Softimobiliar CRM provides real-time notifications. Whether it's a new request or an offer that perfectly matches a buyer's requirements, agents are instantly informed to take prompt action.

  • Maximum Efficiency: Time Savings and Performance Improvement

    Automatic and reverse matching not only simplifies processes but also saves valuable time for agents. They can focus on essential activities, thereby increasing overall efficiency and client satisfaction.

Softimobiliar CRM redefines how real estate agents handle requests and offers, bringing intelligence and efficiency to the matching process. Transform every request into a successful sales opportunity with the help of Softimobiliar CRM.