Softimobiliar CRM is not just a property management tool; it is also an advanced solution for efficiently handling financial transactions in the real estate industry. Discover how this CRM helps you have detailed and transparent control over all financial aspects of your transactions.

  • Add and Manage Transactions Quickly and Efficiently

    With the "Add Transaction" feature in Softimobiliar CRM, the process of recording transactions becomes simple and fast. You fill in essential information such as title, date, involved agents, offer and client identifiers, commissions, and relevant notes. This initial step is crucial for creating a detailed record of each transaction.

  • Clear Commissions for Each Involved Party

    Softimobiliar CRM allows clear specification of commissions for each party involved in the transaction. You can enter commissions for the owner, agent, and, if applicable, collaborators. This functionality ensures transparency and eliminates any confusion related to the compensation structure.

  • Automatic Commission Calculation

    Another advantageous feature is the automatic commission calculation. Softimobiliar CRM performs precise and transparent calculations based on previously established percentages. This not only saves time but also minimizes the risk of human errors in the financial process.

  • Track Transaction Status in Real Time

    Impeccable financial management also involves real-time knowledge of the status of each transaction. Softimobiliar CRM provides a detailed view of ongoing transactions, including information about key dates, status, involved agents, and completion stage. This transparency contributes to making informed decisions and efficiently managing resources.

  • Notes and Transaction-Related Documents

    Softimobiliar CRM allows attaching relevant notes and documents directly within each transaction. This feature is useful for keeping additional information, such as discussions with involved parties or contractual documents. Thus, everything is centralized and easily accessible.

  • Custom Reports for Detailed Records

    An essential part of impeccable financial management is the ability to generate custom reports. Softimobiliar CRM provides advanced reporting options so that you can analyze in-depth the financial performance of your agency. Reports include information about collected commissions, completed transactions, and much more.

Softimobiliar CRM is not just a tool for property management but also a trusted partner in ensuring impeccable financial management in the real estate industry. With its advanced features and intuitive interface, this CRM becomes an indispensable tool for real estate agents who value transparency and efficiency in handling financial transactions.