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  • Features
Properties Module
  • Active property management
  • Management of traded / withdrawn properties
  • Publication on portals
  • Publication on own website
  • Show property portfolio on the map
  • Special properties (Hotels, guesthouses, etc.)
  • Generate PDF presentations of properties
  • Residential complexes
  • Office buildings
  • Automatic image resizing, image rotation
  • Support for video and virtual tours
  • Automatic setting of the watermark on the pictures published on the portals and on the company website
  • Property history
  • Automatic matching between properties and requests
  • Send property to one or more requests per email
  • Send properties on WhatsApp
  • Activity report for owner
  • Proprietary cloning
Requests Mode
  • Handling requests
  • Automatic matching between properties and requests
  • Send properties via WhatsApp and email
Automatic Matching Requests/Offers and Vice versa
  • Automatically matches bids and offers.
Activities Mode
  • Activities management
  • Synchronization with Google Calendar
Contacts mode
  • Manage contacts
  • Sync with Google Contacts
  • Tags
Publication on Real Estate Portals
  • Listing list of real estate portals
Collaboration mode
  • You are automatically notified of offers proposed for collaboration by other agents based on the filters you set.
  • Automatic retrieval of offers proposed by other agents in your portfolio, with the possibility of presenting them on the agency website with your own branding.
  • The possibility to propose via WhatsApp or email the properties of other agents to your clients, with the branding of your agency.
  • The possibility to choose who you want to collaborate with.
Intuitive Help
  • Training video
  • Easy text search
Private Ads Module
  • Access to all private individuals' ads one click away, directly in CRM.
  • Advanced search filters.
  • Automatic retrieval of ads in CRM.
  • Automations.
Real Estate Agency Site
  • Choose from over 100 professional website templates.
  • Complete control over site content.
  • SEO optimized for better indexing in Google.
  • Responsive – perfectly functional on any device
Site Property
  • Highlight the desired properties in detail
  • Visibility and credibility
  • SEO optimized for the best possible indexing in Google
  • Responsive – perfectly functional on any device
Real Estate Complex Site
  • Professional presentation of your ensemble
  • Detailed Property Information: Photo Gallery and Virtual Tour, Map and Location, Amenities and Services, etc
  • SEO optimized for the best possible indexing in Google
  • Responsive – perfectly functional on any device
Reports Module
  • Generate custom reports for detailed analysis. Valuable insights for optimization.
Contracts Module
  • Administration of associated documents and contracts. Simplifying the signing and management process.
Residential Assemblies
  • Dedicated section for the real estate complex.
  • Easy assembly exploration.
Free migration of information from other CRM solutions
Technical support by phone/chat/email
AMAZON Cloud Hosting
Email Hosting
Data security
Unlimited storage

Trusted by over 300 Real Estate Agencies and Real Estate Developers.

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About the Customer Experience

"Our migration to Softimobiliar CRM was an inspired decision. With advanced features and exceptional support, we efficiently manage transactions. Result: a significant increase in sales. Softimobiliar CRM has become essential for our team, facilitating collaboration and optimizing processes. With its advanced features, we gained a complete overview of activities, speeding up workflows, and maximizing results."

"From zero to heroes in real estate! Softimobiliar CRM helped us build a successful business. Their dedicated support and innovative features are invaluable. Softimobiliar CRM is not just a tool but a strategic partner that guided us step by step to success. Thanks to their customized solutions and quick problem-solving approach, we achieved new heights in performance and customer satisfaction."

"We've been using Softimobiliar CRM for over 15 years. It has been a reliable partner in the growth of our real estate business. Consistent performance and innovation. Softimobiliar CRM is the backbone of our real estate activities, playing an essential role in developing and consolidating our brand. With a long-term relationship, we appreciate their constant commitment to the evolution of our business."

"We chose Softimobiliar CRM for its outstanding results. Increased sales and maximum efficiency. A CRM solution that makes a difference. In partnership with Softimobiliar CRM, we experienced a spectacular increase in sales and optimization of our operational processes. With the help of advanced features, we transformed how we manage transactions, achieving remarkable results."

"Before Softimobiliar CRM, we were not using any CRM. With their implementation, we transformed our way of working. Efficiency, collaboration, and success. Softimobiliar CRM completely redefined how we manage our business. From managing contacts and properties to optimizing transactions, their platform brought efficiency and transparency to all operational aspects."

"After migrating from another CRM, Softimobiliar amazed us with superior features and a seamless transition. An inspired choice for our business. Migrating to Softimobiliar CRM was a crucial step for our efficiency and success. The change was simple and worry-free, and the benefits we gained in terms of performance and collaboration were immediate."

"Collaborating with Softimobiliar CRM brought a breath of fresh air to our business. Increased efficiency, easy collaboration, and exceptional support. Softimobiliar CRM is not just a tool but a trusted partner that has evolved with the needs of our business. Their dedicated support and constant availability made a difference in managing our daily activities."

"We confidently recommend Softimobiliar CRM! We experienced a significant increase in productivity and rapid, efficient support. Softimobiliar CRM was the answer to our growth and efficiency needs. Our recommendation comes from the positive experience we had in achieving the desired results and facilitating our processes."


Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions or concerns, check out our list of frequently asked questions to find quick answers. For any further information or assistance, please contact us. We are here to help!

Softimobiliar CRM is the ideal choice for real estate agencies in Romania for several reasons:

  • Efficiency: Provides advanced functionality to fully manage the business of a real estate agency, from leads and contacts to transactions and complex reports.
  • Flexibility: Adapts to varying agency needs by offering customizable modules to meet specific requirements.
  • Professional Websites: Over 100 website templates optimized and connected directly to CRM, making it easy to present your portfolio and promotion on various platforms.
  • Company Identity: Included in the CRM package, Softimobiliar offers logo design, business card and letterhead, helping to strengthen the agency's brand .

Yes, Softimobiliar CRM is considered a leader in the real estate market in Romania due to its extensive functionalities, adaptability to agency requirements and high quality support.

The implementation process is quick and simple. The Softimobiliar CRM team is ready to assist you, and activation can take place in the shortest possible time, to quickly benefit from all the advantages offered by the platform.

The migration process is easy and efficient. The Softimobiliar CRM team will guide you in the transfer of data from the old CRM solution to the new platform, ensuring that the information is kept fully and correctly.

Yes, preparation for use is included in the price. The Softimobiliar CRM team offers support and resources to quickly familiarize yourself with all the platform's functionalities.

Softimobiliar CRM has established itself as a leader thanks to its commitment to innovation, flexibility, and constant support offered to real estate agencies. It has been chosen by numerous agencies for its proven efficiency and extensive range of customizable features that meet all real estate needs.

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