Within the Reports Module of Softimobiliar CRM, you have powerful tools for assessing and optimizing agent performance and your overall activities. Discover how these reports can guide you in decision-making and improving efficiency:

Agent Efficiency

  • Customized Reports
    Access detailed reports providing an analysis of each agent's efficiency, highlighting achievements and areas for improvement.

  • Interactive Charts
    Explore data in the form of interactive charts, facilitating understanding and interpretation of results.

Sources of Offers

  • Detailed Analyses
    Discover reports on sources that bring the most contacts, requests, budgets, or properties, helping you efficiently direct your resources.

  • Resource Optimization
    By understanding productive sources, you can optimize marketing and customer attraction strategies.

Types of Requests and Properties

  • Detailed Segmentation
    Analyze reports on types of requests, types of properties, frequently sought areas and localities, guiding your strategies based on customer preferences.

Market Analyses:

  • Market Indices
    Benefit from reports providing market indices, with displays on websites and portals, highlighting transaction time and offering essential perspectives on your activity.

Data Export:

  • Flexibility
    Easily export contacts, properties, and customer information, giving you the ability to use the data in other contexts.

  • Simplified Integration
    Use these exported data in other tools or platforms, consolidating and connecting information throughout your entire activity.

The Reports Module in Softimobiliar CRM becomes an essential ally in evaluating and improving your performance, providing you with a detailed perspective and access to essential information for strategic decision-making.

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