The real estate industry is evolving rapidly, and online marketing is becoming increasingly essential for the success of agencies. Softimobiliar CRM is not just a property management tool; it is also a powerful partner for online marketing strategies. Discover how this CRM becomes the key to success in promoting your properties.

  • Efficient Posting on Real Estate Portals

    One of the key functions of Softimobiliar CRM is its ability to simplify the posting process on real estate portals. With just a few clicks, you can list your properties on multiple platforms, ensuring maximum visibility for your offers.

  • SEO Optimization for Customer Attraction

    Softimobiliar CRM comes with options for SEO optimization for your listings. This aspect is crucial for attracting customers and ranking higher in search engine results, increasing exposure and conversion chances.

  • Personalized Newsletter Campaigns

    Another advantage of Softimobiliar CRM is the ability to create and send personalized newsletter campaigns. You can segment the customer and potential buyer list, providing them with relevant information and special offers. This contributes to maintaining engagement and building stronger relationships with clients.

  • Easy Editing of Custom Website Content

    Softimobiliar CRM offers the ability to edit custom website content. This way, you have complete control over the information presented on your real estate agency's website. You can constantly update the content to reflect changes in the portfolio or highlight special offers.

  • Custom Banners for Efficient Promotion

    Softimobiliar CRM also allows easy changing of banners on your site. This functionality gives you the opportunity to visually adapt the presentation and promotion, contributing to maintaining a fresh and attractive appearance for visitors.

  • Custom Templates for Printing

    When you need to print offers or documents, Softimobiliar CRM comes to the rescue with custom templates. You can choose the look and format of the document, ensuring that each presentation is professional and representative of your agency's standards.

  • Periodic Analysis of Ad Performance

    With Softimobiliar CRM, you can conduct periodic analyses of your ad performance. This provides clear feedback on the effectiveness of marketing strategies, allowing you to constantly adjust and improve your approach.

Softimobiliar CRM is not just a property management tool but also a reliable partner in online real estate marketing. With its advanced features, this CRM provides agencies with the necessary tools to efficiently promote their offers and achieve success in a competitive environment.