Data security is an essential priority for any CRM platform, and Softimobiliar CRM stands out through its steadfast commitment to protecting your crucial information. Here's how Softimobiliar CRM ensures data security:

  • Amazon Cloud Hosting

    Softimobiliar CRM benefits from a robust infrastructure hosted on the Amazon Cloud. Amazon Web Services (AWS) provides a secure, scalable, and reliable environment for data storage and management. AWS adheres to the highest security standards in the industry.

  • Transaction Security

    Softimobiliar CRM employs advanced security protocols for all transactions on the platform. The HTTPS protocol ensures data encryption during transmission, preventing interception or manipulation.

  • Automatic Backup and Redundancy

    All your data undergoes an automatic backup process to ensure protection against accidental losses or unexpected events. Additionally, the platform benefits from redundancy to avoid interruptions in data access.

  • Rigorous Access Control

    Softimobiliar CRM provides advanced access control features. Each user can be assigned specific permissions, limiting their access to sensitive information only as necessary for their tasks.

  • Strong Data Encryption

    Your data is stored in an encrypted environment, ensuring that confidential information remains protected even in the case of unauthorized access. Robust data encryption is a crucial measure to prevent potential security risks.

  • Continuous Monitoring

    Softimobiliar CRM conducts continuous monitoring of the platform to detect any suspicious activity or potential threats. This proactive approach allows for the rapid identification and management of any security issues.

  • Regular Security Updates

    The Softimobiliar team is dedicated to providing regular security updates to adapt to new cyber threats and constantly improve the data protection level.

By implementing these robust security measures, Softimobiliar CRM takes responsibility for safeguarding your essential information. You can trust that your data is in a secure environment, and the CRM platform makes constant efforts to adhere to the highest industry security standards.