Softimobiliar CRM is not just a real estate activity management platform; it's a reliable partner that provides essential resources and support to help you maximize the full potential of the CRM. Discover how Softimobiliar CRM simplifies access to video resources and offers prompt support through the help module:

  • Video Resources for Quick Understanding

    The help module of Softimobiliar CRM provides access to a rich collection of video resources. These are specially created to ensure a quick and efficient understanding of the platform's functionalities. From step-by-step tutorials to practical tips, video resources serve as a detailed visual guide.

  • Easy Search for Prompt Support

    When you have questions or need clarification, the Softimobiliar CRM help module offers an efficient search feature. You can enter keywords or specific queries to quickly find the desired answers.

  • Step-by-Step Guides

    Softimobiliar CRM provides step-by-step guides for the most common tasks and processes. Whether it's adding a property or managing activities, these detailed guides lead you clearly and concisely through each step.

  • Phone Support

    The platform offers technical support by phone, facilitating direct communication with the Softimobiliar support team. This allows you to receive prompt answers and personalized solutions to any questions or issues.

  • Chat Support

    The help module also includes chat support, providing a quick and convenient way to get assistance. Through the chat, you can communicate directly with specialists and receive real-time responses.

  • Email Support

    If you prefer written communication, Softimobiliar CRM also ensures email support. You can send your questions or issues, and the support team will provide detailed answers and efficient solutions.

Softimobiliar CRM is not just a management tool but also a reliable partner that offers the support you need to enhance your real estate activity. The help module is designed to guide you, and multiple support channels ensure that you will receive quick and efficient assistance.