Softimobiliar CRM becomes the perfect partner for online real estate marketing, providing agents with essential tools and features to efficiently promote their properties and services in the digital environment. Discover how Softimobiliar CRM can revolutionize your online marketing strategies in the real estate industry:

  • Simplified Posting on Real Estate Portals

    Softimobiliar CRM integrates a simplified posting feature on major real estate portals. Agents can manage and update property listings quickly, ensuring a consistent and efficient online presence.

  • Automatic SEO Optimization

    Softimobiliar CRM includes an automatic SEO optimization system for property listings. This essential feature contributes to increased online visibility of offers, attracting a larger number of potential buyers or tenants.

  • Performance Report Generation

    Agents benefit from advanced reporting features that provide detailed information about the performance of online listings. These reports help evaluate the effectiveness of marketing strategies and optimize them.

  • Creation and Sending of Personalized Newsletters

    Softimobiliar CRM allows easy creation and sending of personalized newsletters to the customer database. Agents can keep clients informed about the latest offers, events, and news in the real estate market.

  • Easy Website Content Editing

    Agents can manage the content of their real estate website directly from Softimobiliar CRM. This functionality simplifies the process of updating information, ensuring a consistently relevant and attractive website for visitors.

  • Customization of Advertising Banners

    Softimobiliar CRM provides options for customizing advertising banners on your website. This feature allows adapting messages and promoting events or special offers, enhancing the impact of marketing campaigns.

  • Site Performance Monitoring

    Agents have access to tools for monitoring site performance, including traffic statistics, pages visited, and visitor behavior. This data contributes to making informed decisions regarding online marketing strategies.

By integrating Softimobiliar CRM into your online real estate marketing strategy, you will experience a significant increase in efficiency and results. Discover how this reliable partner transforms the way you promote properties and attract clients in the digital environment.