In the competitive real estate world, efficiently publishing listings on portals is essential to attract potential buyers or tenants. Softimobiliar CRM provides a detailed and straightforward guide to transforming the publishing process into an easy and efficient task.

  • Rapid Connection to Top Portals

    One of the major advantages of Softimobiliar CRM is the ability to quickly connect with various top real estate portals. Through this functionality, agents can rapidly expand the visibility of properties, making it easier for potential clients to find listings.

  • Integrated APIs with Listing Portals

    Softimobiliar CRM facilitates collaboration by integrating with the APIs of real estate portals. This functionality allows fast and precise data synchronization, eliminating the risk of errors and ensuring that information is consistently updated.

  • Efficient Ad Management: One Place for All Portals

    Another way Softimobiliar CRM simplifies publishing is by centralizing all ads in one place. Agents can add, edit, or remove ads directly from the CRM without the need to access each portal individually.

  • Quick Checking of Publication Status: Total Control Over Ads

    Softimobiliar CRM gives agents the ability to quickly check the publication status of ads. A visual indicator shows whether an ad has been successfully published or if there are errors. This functionality enhances control and efficiency in the process.

  • Advanced Editing and Customization Options for Ads

    Agents can benefit from advanced options for editing and customizing ads. From adding detailed descriptions and high-quality images to specifying specific property features, Softimobiliar CRM provides intuitive tools to create attractive and informative ads.

  • Detailed Reporting and Efficient Analysis

    To evaluate the impact of publishing campaigns, Softimobiliar CRM provides detailed reports and analysis tools. Agents can track the performance of ads on different portals and adjust strategies based on the results obtained.

  • Ease in Managing Photos and Documents

    Managing photos and documents associated with a property becomes easy with Softimobiliar CRM. Agents can quickly upload and organize visual and documentary resources, contributing to a comprehensive and professional presentation of listings.

Softimobiliar CRM redefines the experience of publishing on real estate portals, providing agents with powerful and user-friendly tools. With this detailed guide, the publishing process becomes quick, precise, and efficient, ensuring a strong and attractive presence in the online real estate market.