Efficiently publishing listings on real estate portals is a crucial aspect for the success of real estate agencies. Softimobiliar CRM stands out with advanced features that simplify the publishing process and make property list management easier for you. Here's how Softimobiliar CRM simplifies your life when it comes to publishing on real estate portals:

  • Direct Integration with Top Portals

    Softimobiliar CRM offers direct integration with the most popular real estate portals. This allows you to publish your listings on multiple platforms with just a few clicks, eliminating the need to manually access each portal.

  • Automated Publishing Process

    The automated publishing process feature allows you to schedule when your listings will be published on portals. This useful feature frees you from the responsibility of manual publishing and optimizes the time you can dedicate to other essential activities.

  • Efficient Ad Management

    Softimobiliar CRM provides a centralized and easily manageable view of all your ads. You can monitor the publication status, update information, and withdraw listings that are no longer available, all from one place.

  • Quick Preview and Editing

    Before publishing listings, Softimobiliar CRM allows you to quickly preview and edit them. This ensures that the information is correct and appealing to potential clients.

  • Detailed Reporting

    The platform offers detailed reports on the performance of your ads on different portals. These reports provide essential information to evaluate the effectiveness of your publishing strategies.

  • Compatibility with Various Ad Formats

    Softimobiliar CRM accepts various ad formats, ensuring that your information is transmitted correctly and attractively on each portal.

  • Advanced Ad Customization

    You have the ability to customize ads according to the specific requirements of each real estate portal. This level of flexibility ensures optimal presentation of your properties on each platform.

Softimobiliar CRM is a reliable ally in the process of publishing on real estate portals, facilitating your efficient management of property lists and optimizing their visibility for an extended audience. With these advanced features, the CRM becomes an essential tool for success-oriented real estate agencies.