An essential aspect of real estate agents' activities is the efficient management of financial transactions. Softimobiliar CRM provides a system that promotes transparency in transactions, ensuring impeccable financial records for both agents and clients.

  • Rapid Addition of Transactions

    Using the "Add Transaction" functionality, real estate agents can quickly and efficiently input essential details for each transaction. From offer and client details to commissions and relevant notes, all information is centralized in one place.

  • Detailed Transaction Records

    Every transaction benefits from detailed records in Softimobiliar CRM. Information such as the transaction date, involved agent, offer and client identifiers, associated commissions, and any other relevant details are monitored and stored to ensure complete transparency.

  • Customized Commissions

    The platform allows the definition and customization of commissions for the owner, agent, and collaboration, enabling agents to adapt the configuration based on the specifics of each transaction. This flexibility contributes to precise financial management.

  • Monitoring Transaction Stages

    Real estate agents can monitor the stage of each transaction in real-time. From registration to completion, they have access to updated information about the progress of the process, facilitating communication with the parties involved.

  • Automatic Commission Calculation

    Softimobiliar CRM has an automatic commission calculation system, eliminating the possibility of human errors and ensuring the accuracy of values. This functionality enhances process efficiency and reduces the risk of financial discrepancies.

  • Customized Reports for Financial Analysis

    The platform provides advanced options for generating customized reports on transactions and commissions. These reports become useful tools for financial analysis, facilitating informed decision-making and strategy optimization.

  • Security of Financial Data

    Softimobiliar CRM pays special attention to the security of financial data. By implementing security standards and encrypting information, the platform provides a secure environment for managing transactions and sensitive financial details.

By bringing transparency to transactions and facilitating impeccable financial records, Softimobiliar CRM becomes a trusted partner for real estate agents. This transparency enhances client trust, optimizes financial processes, and contributes to building a strong reputation in the real estate industry.