Softimobiliar CRM is the key to turning market demands into real selling opportunities for real estate agents. Discover how this innovative system optimizes the request management process and transforms them into successful transactions:

  • Advanced Search and Filtering Engine

    Softimobiliar CRM features a powerful search and filtering engine, allowing agents to quickly identify requests that match their portfolio. Filtering by specific criteria such as property type, budget, area, or essential features becomes an efficient operation.

  • Efficient Management of New Requests

    The dedicated requests module facilitates the rapid entry of new requests into the system. Essential information such as the type of request, the type of property sought, available budget, and more can be entered quickly and easily.

  • Interconnection with the Properties Module

    Softimobiliar CRM offers seamless integration between the requests and properties modules. Agents can instantly see property proposals that match existing requests, thus transforming requests into sales opportunities.

  • Custom Alerts and Notifications

    To ensure maximum responsiveness, agents receive instant alerts and notifications when new properties matching their clients' requests appear. This contributes to the rapid transformation of requests into transaction opportunities.

  • Automatic Matching and Advanced Reporting

    Softimobiliar CRM uses automatic matching technologies to identify the most suitable properties for existing requests. Agents also benefit from advanced reports providing a detailed perspective on the efficiency of the process of transforming requests into sales.

  • Efficient Communication with Clients

    Softimobiliar CRM facilitates seamless communication between agents and clients. Agents can quickly respond to requests, provide additional information, and schedule viewings, contributing to the transformation of requests into positive buying experiences.

  • Monitoring Interaction History

    The system keeps a detailed history of interactions with each request and property. This functionality is essential for the analysis and continuous improvement of strategies for turning requests into sales opportunities.

Through Softimobiliar CRM, real estate agents acquire the necessary tools to manage and transform requests into profitable selling opportunities. Integrating this system into your real estate activities ensures increased efficiency and consistent results in identifying and meeting client needs.