Horatiu-Marius Bodea, CEO Ego Imobiliare

Horatiu-Marius Bodea - Ego Imobiliare

After a few rounds of negotiations and discussions, I have decided to completely redo the egoimobiliare.ro website and to integrate it at the same time in the Softimobiliar, the most powerful CRM for real estate agents in Romania, adapted perfectly and integrated with the Romanian market.

Thank you, Alex Suciu, for your promptness and 110% involvement you showed in solving all issues during the implementation of the new website #egoimobiliare.ro. Last, but not least, I would like to thank you for your patience, Alex Uifalean.

We invite you to browse and test the new website and also I will wait for feedback and opinions.

Horatiu-Marius Bodea

CEO Ego Imobiliare, Cluj Napoca