Moisă Cristina Geanina, Analist Relatii Clienti Fidelia Casa

Moisă Cristina Geanina - Fidelia Casa

When we started the collaboration with Fidelia Casa, the real estate software was already implemented, but in a continuous development. Having a Call Center position, CRM helped me on several directions: first, in the systematic transmission of the information to the agents, second, it provided me the possibility to send information from any location to my colleagues and last, but not least, I could access the history of each client that interacted with Fidelia Casa.

During the past year, CRM was changed at several levels, thus reaching at the form we use today and which eases a lot the work of an agent. The possibility to find all customers from the respective day in one place, receiving an e-mail every time a customer is added, the possibility to generate many reports to check and optimise the services provided to the customers are only a few of the advantages offered by this real estate software.

Even at this moment, the form of this software does not require any major changes, by means of our constant interaction with beginners or old customers looking for constant optimisations, the CRM makes the connection between a work tool and the quality of the services provided by our company.

Moisă Cristina Geanina

Analist Relatii Clienti Fidelia Casa, Iasi